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Online eNACH (eMandate)

Online eNACH (eMandate)

Registration and/or Validation of e-NACH for premium payment

  • Facility for registration and/or validation of e-NACH mandate for payment of premium can be completed with Net banking or Debit card credentials
  • This facility can be used by customers as follows
    • Customers who have already registered the request for eNACH will be able to view and verify the particulars already captured. Kindly check the details displayed before validating the same. If any change in bank account number captured at branch is required, the same can be done now.
    • All other customers can both register and validate the e-NACH mandate using this facility as a continuous process
    • On collecting required data, validation of bank account will be done online with net banking or debit card
  • Mandates can be registered only for banks which are participating in the e-NACH process.
  • Mobile number and Email address are mandatory along with bank account details
  • Frequency of payment cannot be changed using this process
  • This option can be used for policies where
    • All premiums due till date are paid
    • Time remaining for the next premium due is 16 days or more
    • Total installment premium with GST is not exceeding Rs. 10 lakhs
  • Once request is registered online, three days are available for validation of bank account
  • Policies on own life or life of minor children are allowed through this option
  • Please ensure that once bank account validation with net banking or debit card is started after required data is entered, the same needs to be completed within 10 minutes.


Last modified date : Tue, 22 Aug 2023 07:38:43 +0000